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Welcome to Onward!

Onward! is more radical, more visionary and more open than other conferences to not so well-proven but well-argued ideas. We welcome different ways of thinking about, approaching, and reporting on programming language and software engineering research.

Onward! fosters the multidisciplinarity of software development. We are interested in anything to do with programming and software. Processes, methods, languages, art, philosophy, biology, economics, communities, politics, ethics, and of course applications. Anything!

Sounds good? Do you want to report on and present your new ideas to the community and get feedback? Do you have a video to show or a story to tell? Do you want to bring new insights to the community? Or you just want to know more about innovations, visions and the future of programming languages and software engineering? Then...

Join Onward!, the unique, creative and collaborative environment to discuss and investigate challenging problems related to software, its creation and nurturing.

We look forward to seeing you in Orlando!

Bernd Bruegge (General Chair)
Yvonne Coady (Program Chair)
Bruce Horn (Workshop Chair)
Martin Purvis (Film Chair)
Simon Peyton-Jones (Essay Chair)
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